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Straightline Processing was established in 2005 and currently processes over $80 million in credit card transactions annually. We offer valuable business strategy and consulting services such as website development, POS integration, terminals, wireless units and internet/mobile based processing solutions. Low rates, in combination with the correct processing methods, are key factors in choosing the right solution for your business.

We are a direct reseller of Visa/MasterCard/Discover and with our relationships with the largest processors in the country we can save merchants a very substantial amount in processing fees. We directly compete with the nation's largest banks and we are always substantially lower in total true-costs. This is possible because bank employees must adhere to pricing minimums which are set to cover their large overhead and brands. Bank employees DO NOT make residual income...instead, they make signing bonuses, so their primary motivation is to get a long-term contract signed, then the merchant is passed off onto and 800 call center number. Signing bonuses are equal to the cancellation fees of the contract which are typically $300. Straightline has no closure fees or application fees. Door-to-door agents typically operate on deceptive or confusing contracts and 3-4 year unbreakable leases, whereas Straightline operates solely on pennies per transaction with a slow-growth strategy of small long-term residual income. Straightline shares a common goal to see your business thrive and expand.

Straightline stands far above other merchant providers with almost 30 years of software development skills, and most importantly, a very in-depth understanding of finance, business, accounting, sales and cash-flow. Our goal is not to try to sell you something, but instead to help you grow your business.

Please take a few minutes to watch this educational series of videos that will educate you on how the whole process works from start to finish!

Company Introduction

Understanding The Risks Of Credit Cards For Merchants & Processors Both

True-Cost Is The Only True Comparison
NOTE: Since recording this video, debit cards rates are now 0.05% plus $0.21.

Improving Your Cash-Flow

Recurring Billing & Invoicing Automation

PCI Compliancy

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