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Products (Hardware & Software):

Choosing the right hardware and software is very important and is a huge part of the equation in keeping your total costs low. This is a big part of where we offer extremely valuable consulting such as website integration, POS integration, terminals, wireless units, internet based solutions, etc. Merchant account rates are of course a big factor, but choosing the right solution for your business is incredibly important to avoid hundreds of hours of wasted time in mistakes, wasted man-hours with manual processing and most importantly, lost credit card charge revenue. Straightline accounts for human factors to where we understand that there are limited hours in a business day, and people are only able to handle a finite number of tasks before things start to get lost, fall of the plate, or become costly mistakes.

A terminal is typically described as a stand alone machine. However, a terminal can also refer to a website page, known as a virtual terminal, or perhaps as a software application that is built into your current point-of-sale system or mobile device.

There are dozens and dozens of terminal solutions that are compatible with our networks Global Payments and Elavon. Often times, existing terminals can be reprogrammed if they are within a few years old, but 90% of the time, you'll find that it's just not worth the hassle of trying to force an old terminal to adhere to today's advanced networks and security encryption requirements.

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